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Finding Back to joy 
breakthrough session 

Together we will create a crystal clear vision of what joy, happiness & bliss feel like to you & what's currently blocking you from experiencing more of these wonderful emotions. 

We will uncover hidden beliefs that cause you to feel triggered or stuck in an unwanted emotion or state of mind.  

And you will leave the session renewed, reenergized & inspired that you are not so far away from creating an incredibly fulfilling, blissful life, one day at a time!

It all began with
a passion for personal growth
& volatile emotions.

I’ve always been a very sensitive being, and nothing means more to me than having a deeply fulfilling relationship with my significant other.

Little did I know that it would take many years (and many men) in order to understand and love myself enough to actually open myself to the extraordinary connection I was seeking!

Spiritual Teachers such as Louise Hay, Abraham-Hicks, Bashar, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Joe Dispenza, Robert Holden …guided me through over 20 years of personal growth.

But it wasn’t until my most challenging year in California, after a miscarriage and losing the man of my dreams, that I truly began to understand how valuable these emotional tools were, that I had been studying so passionately.

I cried a lot, read a lot, listened to many talks on youtube, meditated and did some really great work with my coach.  It was time for me to grow.  It was time to let go of the limited Being I was, to embrace the person I was becoming: more confident, more at peace with myself, more resilient, and much much more loving (especially towards myself)!

Once I emerged from this crazy emotional storm, I knew that I wanted to help others learn and apply these tools that had been my lifeline through great challenges.  

I know what it feels like to be in the depths of despair, and I don't want anyone to feel helpless or alone.  When you learn how to understand and love yourself, your emotions always enrich your life, no matter how turbulent they are!

I believe that every Being deserves to learn how to navigate his/her emotions, to create a meaningful & deeply fulfilling life.

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About Me

I love the beach, palm trees, waves, white sand. 

I love laying in the hammock and enjoying a good book, hiking, meditating, yoga, writing in my journal.

I love personal development and attending seminars with individuals who are on their very unique path to grow and contribute to this world.

I was born and raised in Germany, yet have spent most of my life in Austin, Texas, where I currently live with my son.

I can't wait to hear your story, the trials life has presented you with, and ...

the ways you have already begun to deeply love yourself!

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