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Move this Earth into New Life

Insights during my morning meditation

I was listening to music while meditating this morning, and when flutes came on, my initial reaction was to turn them off, to choose another piece of music. But in the next instance this idea wandered through my mind, that it might be time to make peace with flutes. (I had played the flute as a kid and then during my first years as a massage therapist realized that I hated flute music. During some digging in introspective moments, I had realized that it was because I really wanted to play the drums, but this sentence came into my awareness that I believe to have heard as a kid, from a rather important person in my life… “you can’t play the drums, you don’t have the rhythm to play the drums”).

So today I decided to let that wound heal. I finally decided to make peace with flutes, to no longer see them as the instrument I settled for, because I was told I couldn’t do what I really wanted to do.

And then a wave of sadness went through me, the feeling of “you can’t,” “this is not available to you,” “others can, but you can not!” “you weren’t born to be able to do this/ reach this/ be this/ have this”, “YOU CAN’T”!!!

Tears streamed down my face as I let go of that childhood hurt & also felt this wound healing deep down the generational line. I felt as this energy washed through this rather important person who told me I could not, wondering what he had been told in his life that he cannot be, do or have; wondering what he had carried his whole life, thinking it was unattainable for him!

Sending him love, ease, comfort, reassurance.

At the beginning of this meditation I had asked myself “what do I need right now? What do I need, that maybe all of the world needs?”

And I pictured myself as this tiny human being held gently in the open palms of Mother Earth, feeling safe, feeling nurtured, feeling protected, feeling (seeing) as she lifted her palms close to her face, smiling at me, reminding me that every day, every moment, she breathes life into me, into every single Being, ..vitality, strength, energy, LIFE...and that this stream of vital energy is always available to me, at any point throughout my day when I’m in need of a bit of healing, nurturing, uplifting, guiding…

Just imagine this column of golden and white light, swirling with tiny little light particles; all I have to do is step into it, step into this stream and let this light heal every cell of my beingness.

Anything that no longer serves me, evaporates easily, steadily, naturally.

Anything I need or desire flows to me and through me, revitalizing my body, my soul, my spirit.

There are no limits

To how beautiful this life can be,

The only question is,

How much are you

Allowing yourself to perceive?

In this moment

And this moment

And this moment.

Can you STILL your mind more?

Can you breathe more?

Can you allow everything

At its perfect timing

Knowing with absolute certainty

That you are safe,

That you are loved,

That everything is right here, right now,

Available to you,

Just reach for it.

Just open to it,

Just envelop the vibration, the frequency,

The feeling

Let it flow through you,

Let it envelop you.

Let it permeate the darkest

Corners of your Beingness

And slowly, comfortably, rhythmically

Start to vibrate,

Bringing all of You

Into absolute harmony

With that which you have always been

And you are now ready to embody again.

You are Love. You are Safety. You are Vitality.

You are Abundance. You are Light.

You are Everything you can Dream.

Nothing is off limits to you.

Dream a bigger Dream

& move this Earth into New Life.

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