Learn how to deeply connect through love,

master your emotions

& embody your life purpose.


Yes, you CAN love deeply without loosing yourself or fearing immense amount of pain. 

You can build resilience to face all of life's challenges.  

You can create an incredibly fulfilling life...even as a Highly Sensitive or Empath! 

Welcome Highly Sensitive Being!  Wherever you might be on your journey to better understand & love your trait -I'm so glad you're here!


The volatility of my emotions as an HSP was one of the hardest parts for me.

Over the years I collected many tools, and here is one that still serves me every day!  Download this guide for free & sign up for my weekly e-mails filled with inspirations, stories, tools & love for who you are & the journey you are on!


Free Guide:

Three steps to quickly shift your emotions

So that you can:

-Avoid the downward spiral of anger, frustration, anxiety & depression

-No longer fear getting STUCK in your dark emotions

-Create more bliss & deep fulfillment every single day as an HSP

Do you feel...


Intense & Volatile Emotions? 

Your emotions are intense & can swing from one extreme to the other, often without much warning.  There are times when your emotions feel out of control, you feel completely overpowered  & that you might never be happy (or able to breathe) again!


Have you pretended to be a stronger, more social, more courageous version of you, just to feel less alone, less isolated, less misunderstood?  Do you feel like you’re losing your sense of self, your truth, your purpose in life?

Boundaries are difficult?

You get overwhelmed by feeling everyone else’s emotions, you can’t say no & put others’ happiness before your own… all in hopes to be

seen, accepted, loved. 


You are not alone & 

you are at the perfect place on your journey!

The Next Step On Your Journey


I'm Christine.




My commitment to you is that in your darkest moments you will remember that you are not alone,

and that you have the knowledge, resilience & absolute trust in yourself that are required to get yourself through anything

I fiercely believe in leading my clients back to their own truth, to help them embrace their amazing highly sensitive trait, and give them the tools to face anything life might throw at them!


 Here's my story:

I remember laying on the floor, my breath was shallow & my mind was racing... 

“What have I gotten myself into? 

I thought I would be fine. I felt so strong making the decision to move to LA & share an apartment with my boyfriend. 

But as soon as I got here, he rejects me, gaslights me, removes all forms of physical intimacy…


Read my story here

What do you believe in?

I believe every Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) deserves to create a deeply fulfilling life!

Are you ready to move on from:

-feeling weak, vulnerable, unadventurous & incapable of handling all the things life throws at you

-the downward spiral of emotions, the intense/ out of control/ overwhelming & unbearable feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, depression ("how can anyone love me with such crazy emotions?")

-feeling inauthentic, crumbling on the inside with a smile on the outside, feeling like you've lost the sense of who you are, your purpose, the meaning of life

-feeling alone, misunderstood, rejected, abandoned...feeling like you'll never find that extraordinary Love you seek with another

-feeling doomed; doomed to fail, to be in pain, to feel empty & unhappy forever



 I have lived these feelings!  And I have found a way out!

I have found a way to understand my sensitive trait, to embrace it & deeply love who I was born to be!


And you can as well! You have everything it takes to create a deeply fulfilling life!


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