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With this FREE PDF GUIDE you'll learn how to understand & direct your emotions

so you can: 

-Avoid emotional outbursts & impulsive actions

-No longer fear getting stuck in dark emotions

-Create more bliss & deep fulfillment every single day

Three Steps to Quickly
Shift Your Emotions

The emotions you feel
every single day 
Create the life you live!

Have you ever thought about which five emotions you experience most often during a normal week?  And are you enjoying feelings such as bliss, ease, joy, deep fulfillment and unconditional love as often as you want to? 


As a certified life coach and strategic intervention coach, I help you to find stillness in your busy life, so you can get clear on what it is you are actually searching for, what is dampening your joy, and what is keeping you from living the extraordinary life you long for!


Do you know what your feelings of anxiety are trying to tell you?  And how it can serve you to feel overwhelmed, depressed, frustrated, rejected, judged, or even unworthy?  I can help you decode these emotions, so that you can reconnect to who you truly are.  Finding meaning and happiness in your life comes from understanding and loving yourself.  


I will teach you tools for emotional stability, resilience, and courage, so that you can handle anything life might throw at you!  Emotions are incredible, because whether they are "good" or "bad", they all bring you back to your essence, your core, your uniqueness and what truly matters to you.  

YOU are meant to live an extraordinary life and your emotions are trying to get you there! 

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MY Mission

Is that in your darkest moments, you will remember that you are not alone, and that you have the knowledge, resilience and absolute trust in yourself that are required to get yourself through anything.  And that the sun will shine again, no matter how great the inner storm.  I fiercely believe that the pleasant emotions are meant to outweigh the challenging ones, and that all are meant to bring us back to ourselves.

Holding Hands
Lake at Dusk

Finding Back to You
breakthrough session 

Together we will create a crystal clear vision of what joy, happiness & bliss feel like to you & what's currently blocking you from experiencing more of these wonderful emotions. 

We will uncover hidden beliefs that cause you to feel triggered or stuck in an unwanted emotion or state of mind.  

And you will leave the session renewed, reenergized & inspired that you are not so far away from creating an incredibly fulfilling, blissful life, one day at a time!

Beach at Sunset


to share your current journey, 

to be inspired, uplifted and guided when you need a little help, 

and to connect with others who are on their path to better understand & love themselves and this beautiful world.



Are you experiencing any emotions that are disrupting your life or lead to an undesirable outcome? 

Do you catch yourself yelling at your kids or picking a fight with your partner?

Are you often feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, angry, frustrated, sad or stressed?

How do you handle feeling rejected, abandoned, attacked, criticized, vulnerable, unworthy, unlovable, lost, stuck and alone?

Do you want to gain more confidence, self-love and truly embrace your sense of self-worth? 

I invite you to join my ten session program: Healing Your Emotions & Finding Inner Bliss

In these ten coaching sessions, I will teach you how to understand, direct & master your emotions!  

Together we will explore which emotions keep showing up, the message they are trying to deliver,

and the definitions and beliefs that are keeping you stuck!

 10 Session Layout & Sneak Peak! 

1. Becoming aware of your emotions

What is your emotional set point?  Which emotions do you feel daily/weekly? 

2. Why do particular emotions keep showing up? 

 (Tony Robbin's) Six Human Needs and the rules, beliefs and vehicles you use to satisfy each 

3.  Diving deeply into your beliefs -in the 7 key areas of your life

We will explore how/why a particular emotion serves you.  What is the positive intent? 

4.  Definitions & Metaphors

How you define anything in your life is the way you will experience it!

5.  Who are you? What's your why? 

Exploring Life Zones, T-tool, and what actually inspires you!

6.  Tools for Emotional Processing

How can you create more certainty in your life when things feel out of control?

7.  Tools to weather emotional storms

All your power is in the now.  How can you purposely direct your emotions?

8.  Communicating your needs and expressing yourself to the world around you

Putting your tools to the test/ stepping outside the bubble 

9.  When is it ok to express negative emotions?

Expressing yourself authentically while being mindful to those you love. 

10.  Aligning to the totality of who you are

Finding your center and purposely getting into a resourceful state

Begin your journey to emotional well-being today, by pressing the button below or e-mail me with any questions! 

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