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Monthly Membership

You don’t have to go through weeks (or years) of feeling down, depressed, anxious, incapable, rejected, misunderstood & like you suck at life or relationships!  (I’ve been there.)

Join this nurturing space of Highly Sensitive People, to build your ultimate tool kit to handle your emotions, face any challenge life throws at you & create so much more bliss, excitement & love in your life! 

Join this Membership & Change Your Life

You are not alone!

I have found an abundance of resources that have helped me to not just deal with my highly sensitive trait, but to embrace it & thrive!

I'm so thankful that I had a lot of time for introspection, research, practice & healing before I had my son.  I know not everyone can take that much time for personal growth, next to all of life's other demands.  That's why I started this monthly membership, to provide a clear & direct path to creating the life you truly desire as an HSP.  

Here are the three skills that got me past the most challenging aspects of being an HSP and are the pillars of my monthly membership program:  


Shift unwanted emotion fast

Never feel stuck in or overtaken by an emotion again!  Ditch feeling out of control, impulsive or like an emotional lunatic.

YOU are in control, you are in charge & you can CHOOSE what you feel in any moment!

Understand your emotions

Discover what your emotions are here to teach you, so that you can HEAL DEEPLY, let go of patterns that do not serve you & manifest the life & LOVE you came here for!


Love your HSP trait

Once you look at yourself through the lens of being highly sensitive, you begin to understand & heal. 

Begin to love yourself, feel more deeply connected & embrace your life's PURPOSE!   

My journey has been incredible, 


now, looking back at it,
but man, when you’re stuck in the middle of it, it’s hard, it feels lonely and so dark and bleak for days, sometimes months.
Your journey begins here! Get started today!

My Core Intentions with This Membership:

-you don’t have to feel alone on your path

-every month I will post a new video with tools and examples of application so that you know how to practice & integrate 

-gain tools, knowledge,  experience, practice 

-the more you practice these tools, the more they will be accessible to you when you need them

-you don’t have to go through days and weeks of feeling down, feeling incapable, feeling small, feeling different, feeling rejected, feeling misunderstood  

-shifting your mindset PERMANENTLY

-getting to know who you are, what your life is about, why you are creating what you’re creating, why you can’t shake certain habits, limiting beliefs, mindset, patterns...

-deeply understand and love yourself and your trait. Because that is the basis of EVERYTHING YOU WANT,  whether you know it or not.  

What's included in the membership:


I will post one course per month, which usually includes several modules with accompanying action steps, worksheets, and/ or journaling prompts. 

There will also be an ever growing bonus section where I will share my personal stories & experience with every tool I have used or tried from Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Abraham hicks, Bashar, the Pleaidians, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Robert Holden, .... 

We will have a live video group call once a month, where I will answer any questions, challenges, do mini group coaching, & I will take you through any process or tool step by step, while you are taking this time to have those aha moments & understand how to move forward in your very unique journey to a blissful life! 


All the tools I teach are curated from 20 years of experience, going through life as an HSP myself.  And I very much want this membership & the content to be audience directed, so that I know exactly what YOU need in order to thrive!  I will send out monthly questionnaires & I'm always asking for questions and feedback in order to best serve you on your path!  

 You will have a group who is going through this with you!  You won’t feel alone. You will feel seen and understood.  We will have our monthly calls so that I can answer questions or we can do the work together. So often we read books or start an online course and then never finish or don’t even get around to doing the actual work.  We HSPs  love to get lots of info, and that helps, but it’s only one valuable aspect… but to truly transform, you need to do the introspective work!


 I have 23 journals filled with processes and thoughts and guidance.  No matter where you currently are, I can relate & I’ve found my way out.

And so will you!

I'm in!