Being Highly Sensitive enriches my life in many's an integral part of my soul's journey!


You are never alone.  You are constantly surrounded by Source, angels, guides, your Higher Self... all standing by to LOVE & support you unconditionally!


Once you dare to explore the depths of who you are, you will be in awe of your Truth, your Path, your Purpose, your Mission in this lifetime!

I'm Christine


I love the beach, palm trees, waves, white sand. 

I love laying in the hammock and enjoying a good book, hiking, meditating, yoga, writing in my journal.

I love personal development and attending seminars with individuals who are on their very unique path to grow and contribute to this world.

I was born and raised in Germany, yet have spent most of my life in Austin, Texas, where I currently live with my son.

I can't wait to hear your story, the trials life has presented you with, and ...

the ways you have already begun to deeply love yourself!



I remember laying on the floor, my breath was shallow & my mind was racing... 


“What have I gotten myself into? 

I thought I would be fine. I felt so strong making the decision to move to LA & share an apartment with my boyfriend. 

But as soon as I got here, he rejects me, gaslights me, removes all forms of physical intimacy…hugging, kissing, cuddling, even eye contact.  I can feel that I deeply disturb him with my presence. He doesn’t want me to be here.  


I feel so alone. I can’t go back to Texas with my tail between my legs. Everyone warned me this would happen. I told my dad I would be fine even if this relationship doesn’t work out.

But I’m not fine. I don’t feel fine.  I feel broken. I feel rejected. I feel abandoned. I feel like I just slid down the side of a mountain, nothing to grab onto on the way down…sliding, falling, until I hit the ground. How am I going to crawl my way back up?” 



I stayed with this man for another five months,


 since he suggested “the love might come back”. After we broke it off I got a renewed sense of strength to make a life for myself in California, by the beach… soon after, my cat, my precious companion foI stayed with this man for another five months, r 13 years, was at the emergency vet for 8 days before I had to make the decision to let him go.  I picked myself back up… quickly fell in love…. another push, pull, never really fully committed relationship… a pregnancy, a miscarriage, another man leaving me, I slinked back to Texas utterly broken.  

But I did what I had learned to do… journal, read, listen…to anything that felt good, anything that lifted my mood just slightly or brought me insight.  

These tools that I had learned & practiced, saved me! They saved my sanity, they saved me from forever staying in a deep dark hole.  

So I made it my mission. I want to share these tools.


Make them available to anyone who attracts my work, and especially to Highly Sensitive Beings, or the parents of Highly Sensitive Children, because I know how difficult it can be to grow up in a not so sensitive world with the idea in your head that somehow who you are is flawed.   


I won’t lie to you and tell you my life is perfect. There are still plenty of challenges (especially as a single mom with a 5 year old son), and yet I face these challenges much differently.  I have complete confidence that whatever life brings me, I can handle it, I can find the silver lining, I can find my footing and I CAN create many moments every day that feel deeply fulfilling to me!  


If you are on such a spiritual quest, please enjoy all the free tools I create every single week, and look into my monthly membership, which gives tremendous support, new workshops, live calls & a community to call your home.  

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